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Polish Mushroom Recipes

A listing of Polish mushroom recipes in video and in text.

Mushrooms in Poland are not only a food. They are recreation.

The video to the right shows you mushroom hunting in Poland.

We have a complete video playlist of mushroom recipes on YouTube. To give you a feel for what they are like, we have included one from the playlist below.

You are invited to review what is in the list.

Additionally, at the bottom of this page is a sitemap for the complete listing of Polish recipes in this MasterPage.

Hunting mushrooms in Poland is very popular. And the people are well versed in what mushrooms are good to eat and what are poison. Even so, every year, some suffer mushroom poisoning.

You only have one life. So do not hazard it by making a mistake. If you are not sure, throw the mushroom away.

And if you have never hunted mushrooms, do think twice about going afield with a book to check what is good and what is not. Go with an experienced person a few times and limit yourself to the more distinctive mushrooms, such as chanterelle, that are easy to recognize.

Below are some excellent mushroom cookbooks that you might enjoy.



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