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Convert Oven Temperatures - Fahrenheit and Celcius

A conversion table To Convert Farhenheit and Celcius oven temperatures.

Here is a chart that we use and keep near our oven to use when we want to convert temperatures.

The chart is so much more easy to use that having to go to the web and search for fahrenheit to celcius conversion programs.

Print this chart and slide it into your cookbook or keep it handy so you can use it when you are baking.

The temperatures here are ones that you typically need.

On an important note, be sure to use an oven thermometer to be sure that your oven is at the temperature that you think it is. My oven temperature is 60 degress celcius higher than what shows on the knob. My thermometer saves me.

The first three low temperatures are important for baking light cheese cakes and sponge cakes. You can see recipes for them at Recipes

260 degrees Fahrenheit equals 127 degrees Celcius

275 degrees Fahrenheit equals 135 degrees Celcius

300 degrees Fahrenheit equals 149 degrees Celcius

325 degress Fahrenheit equals 163 degrees Celcius

350 degrees Fahrenheirt equals 177 degrees Celcius

375 degrees Fahrenheit equals 191 degrees Celcius

400 degrees Fahrenheit equals 204 degrees Celcius

420 degrees Fahrenheit equals 218 degrees Celcius

450 degrees Fahrenheit equals 232 degrees Celcius

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