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Weather In Poland In November

About weather in November in Poland with video and text.

In November one can expect winter conditions. That means that on can expect snow.

The month starts with leaves still on the trees, yellow for the most part, but still on the trees. And it ends with bare trees and snow cover in some parts of the country.

Expect temperatures around the freezing point.

There is no doubt that you may see some warmer days. But at the same time you can see some colder days.

The weather in Poland in November can be tumultuous. So come prepared for the worst.

Even if the weather makes it up to the 40 degrees Fahrenheit range, the cold goes through you. People wear winter coats, winter hats and gloves in spite of such relatively warm temperatures.

And the skies will be gray. Fog is common.

november weather

The video below shows some of what it looks like early in November. There is another showing weather later in the month.

And also be sure to look at the videos showing what it is like in December. Sometimes you see weather like that in November.

Also look at the videos with our daily weather videos in the Outlook. They will give you a feel for what it has looked like on given days. You can make your own judgment as to the forecast from there.


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