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Poland Weather In February

About February weather in Poland and general Poland weather conditions plus the current weather that you can expect.

Winter weather in Poland is very unpredictable and depends heavily on the direction of the prevailing winds.

Poland is affected either by the winds from the West and Southwest from the Atlantic that generally bring in moist and warm air or by the winds from the Arctic and North East from Siberia that bring in remarkably frigid air.

If the winds are coming from the West or Southwest, the winter temperatures in Poland will hover on around the zero centigrade mark. Sometimes they will be well above zero centigrade with temperatures as much as + 5 to + 10 in the warmer parts of the country. In short, the Poland weather is what it is. And it will change rapidly.

But when the wind shifts to the North and Northeast, the temperatures will drop down to around the -10 degree mark.

In the mountain regions in the south of Poland temperatures will run a few degrees lower than they will in the Northern part of Poland. It should be remembered that the Northern part of Poland has its temperature moderated by the winds off the Baltic sea whereas the Southern part of Poland is landlocked and mountainous and is affected by the cold weather in the mountains of Czech and to the East.

When you come to Poland in January and February you have to be ready for sudden changes in the weather because as fast as the wind shifts the weather will change. It can go from very warm and pleasant, for winter anyway, to extremely cold and windy.

To look at the current Polish weather conditions the Polish government maintains a very good forecasting site that provides good weather maps that are continually updated. You can read that information that this link. Poland Weather Forecast

And each day a one week forecast is posted on the home page of the Master page. That link also contains other information that may be of interest to you and your invited to visit it on a daily basis. The MasterPage is at Facts About Poland.

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