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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the largest city in Poland. It is located somewhat in the middle of the country but more towards the eastern border. Its location can be seen on this map of Poland.

Many times a video can say a lot more than a web page. Here is a link to our library of over 100 videos about Warsaw and Poland. Click on Warsaw Poland Play list.

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But aside from the City's physical location, it enjoys a unique location within the Polish culture.

Poland is a country of regions with the people varying within each of the regions. And the regions fall into two general classifications often known as Poland A and Poland B. Warsaw could be called Poland C.


That is because not only is it the capital of Poland, it is also the Country's financial center and, as a matter of fact, the financial center for Eastern Europe. As such it has attracted young people from all over the country who are interested in pursuing careers that are not generally available in the outlying districts. And the heavy concentration of businesses, as well as the political activity, have resulted in the pace of life being much more rapid than in any of the cities in the Country.

The population is a mix of new and old cultures. Those who live in regions such as Kabaty, at the end of the Metro Line live in modern apartment complexes and tend to be young. Those who live in older districts such as Zoliborz live in buildings that were built after the war, but during the communist times, tend to be older. The lifestyles in both these districts, as well as other regions around Warsaw, differ significantly.

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Warsaw arose from the rubble after the second world war. It is difficult to comprehend what the Polish people did to rebuild their city. Here is a link to a video that might help to put Warsaw and its people in perspective. History Of Warsaw

There is much more on the rebuilding of Warsaw at the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising.

Today, Warsaw continues to rebuild. Many of the buildings that were erected after the war but during communist times are being torn down and replaced by modern structures.

Large shopping malls and shopping centers are located everywhere from the Centrum to the outlying districts. You can see videos about them in the Warsaw Poland Play list.

There are expensive and modern public transportation systems. In modern-day Warsaw, one does not need a car for everyday life.

At a for the tourist, there is more than enough to keep one busy. One can choose sightseeing in Warsaw's old town or spending one's time at one of the modern beer drinking holes or pubs.

As for shopping, one has many ways to choose and well.

There are restaurants where you can get Polish food and food from every other country in the world.

When you come to Warsaw, do take the time to get outside the Centrum. A short trip across the river to Praga and Francisco St. gives you a different perspective on Warsaw. There you will find some fine restaurants and a much more laid-back approach to life.

In all, Warsaw, Poland is a communications hub. it is the starting point for most international travelers who come to Poland for one reason or another. And for people who live in Poland, if they traveled by train, they are likely to pass through Warsaw.

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