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Warsaw Tram On A Side Street

Warsaw Poland Tram, Bus And Commuter Train Tickets Are Interchangeable

When you buy a ticket to ride the buses or trams in Warsaw, Poland, that same ticket is valid on the commuter train system within the confines of Warsaw.

If you travel outside the Warsaw limits on the trains, you must have a train ticket. Get information about buying train tickets for travel outside warsaw at Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

Train tickets are not valid on buses or trams. With a train ticket you can travel a lot farther and to many more stations than you can with a bus/tram ticket.

The commuter rail system in Warsaw is being used to improve commuter traffic instead of building more subway tunnels. A special line SKM, that uses the most modern rail equipment in Poland, is part of the bus and tram line public transport system.

The commuter lines are part of the Polish Railroad system. It is by special agreement between PKP and the City of Warsaw that commuters can use bus tickets on the trains.

When you come to Warsaw, you can see the commuter rail system displayed on most of the maps that you buy. It is extensive and if you take the time to learn the system, you will find that it is very convenient to use.

The line between Ursus that passes through the Centrum and goes on to Praga is particularly popular because it serves the heavily traveled East West flow of daily traffic.

The system is hoped to take some of the pressure off the streets of Warsaw that are not designed for the number of cars that have to pass through the City each day. With time it is hoped that park and ride parking lots will be built so that people can use the light rail systems to come into the city.

The ability to use bus tickets on the commuter trains gives Warsaw residents an immediate boost in the amount of equipment used to get them to and from work. Prior to the agreement, a commuter needed both a train ticket and a bus ticket.

But since many people had bus tickets, they chose to take the special SKM units and avoid the PKP units. As such, the SKM units were packed to capacity. Many times people could not get on an SKM and were left standing on the platform.

Information about buying tickets for the trams and buses is at Buying Tickets And Using Them On Trams, The Metro And Buses

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