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In every city in the world there are taxi cabs and there are taxi cabs. There are good taxi cab operators and there are bad taxi cab operators. And Warsaw is no different. There are some excellent taxi cab services in Warsaw and there are some taxi cabs in Warsaw that will take you to the cleaners if they get half a chance.

If you are coming from the Warsaw Airport, there is a special page about the taxi service at the Warsaw Airport. You can see information about that taxi cab service at the Warsaw Airport at this link called How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

In general, if you are going to take a taxi cab in Warsaw, be sure to take a taxi cab that is a member of a corporate taxi cab network. You can easily see what cab companies are members of a corporate taxi cab network by looking at the light on top of the taxi cab. For a corporate taxi cab you will see a name of a company and a telephone number on the light. Independent cabs most often to not even have light.

There are many taxi traps in Warsaw. The Warsaw Airport used to be one until the City of Warsaw limited the right of taxi cab operators to pick up passengers at the Warsaw Airport. As of the writing of this web page, there are only three taxi cab operators that are allowed to pick up passengers at the Warsaw Airport.

Some of the hotels have also limited the taxi cab operators that can pick up people at their hotels. And a couple even have dedicated taxi fleets that do nothing but transport passengers from that hotel. If they are a dedicated fleet of taxi cabs, the rate that you will pay per kilometer will usually be twice the going rate for the regular corporate cabs. That is because the cabs take people out from the hotel and do not have a pickup for the trip back to the hotel. They go directly back to the hotel.

There are many taxi traps in Warsaw. The worst are at the Warsaw Old Town and at the Warsaw Central station. If you get in the wrong cab, you can get a huge bill. And you cannot expect police protection. You hired the cab and you are expected to pay the bill. If you are not careful, a $10 ride can cost you over $100.

Taxi cabs have in them a meter and printer that will print for you a receipt for your ride. Many operators will not give you the receipt unless you ask for it. Do not be bashful. Ask for the receipt.

If you are at a hotel or restaurant, have someone call a cab for you. If you are where there is any tourist service at all, have someone call a cab for you. Many shops will even call cabs for their customers. They know the problem themselves and are more than willing to help.

If you are not somewhere where you can ask for someone to call a cab for you, then look for a cab with a name and a telephone number on the light at the top. And once you are alongside it, look at the rear side window for a sticker that says how much per kilometer you will be charged for the ride. (There is an initial fixed charge to which this amount is added.) If the cab shows these external signs of reliability, you are probably ok. As an added level of assurance, if you can find someone near you who speaks English, ask them which cab you should take. The locals generally know the reliable taxi cab services in Warsaw.

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