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Warsaw Metro Station

Warsaw Metro

About the Warsaw Subway system or Metro. How to use it and what services it provides.

The Warsaw Metro currently consists of one line running north and south through the center of Warsaw.

The Metro office is located in Kabaty where the Metro trains are stored and serviced.

The line runs from Kabaty North and currently stops at the station called Slodowiec. The remainder of the north-south line is under construction.

The second line will run east-west and also will pass through the center of Warsaw.

The second Metro line is not yet built and as of the writing of this webpage a contract construction has not yet been awarded because the bid costs were well beyond what was budgeted.

The first line built has fostered a construction boom. It is a modern fast efficient system and the local people use it to commute from the outer extremities of Warsaw to the Centrum. Its convenience and low cost to ride have resulted in large number of apartment buildings being built along its path and around the stations.

The Metro is part of the Warsaw public transportation system and you can use the same tickets to ride that you use on the trams and buses. You can purchase daily or extended time tickets. Tickets can be used on any of the public transportation systems. Warsaw Poland Tram, Bus And Commuter Train Tickets Interchangeable

On weekdays the time between trains is usually about three minutes. On weekends the period may extend to six to eight minutes.

About Riding The Warsaws Metro

Security on and around the system is high with police to be found generally on the platforms of every station and quite often riding the trains themselves.

Though rush-hour traffic is very high, enough trains are scheduled so that it is comfortable to get on and get off the trains.

We also have videos of each of the metro stations at Warsaw Metro






Here is a picture depicting the Metro lines and the stations. Click on it for a larger view.

Warsaw Metro Map

More information (in Polish) can be found at Warsaw Metro

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