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Warsaw in video and pictures plus a Warsaw city guide and maps.

A Full Review Of Warsaw In Video

Your view of Warsaw depends on the window that you are looking through. In one of the videos below you look at it from the top of the Palace of Culture and see it without windows.

Warsaw can be a young, modern vibrant city, a picture of Polisch royalty or it can be part of the old gray communist past.

The people of Warsaw, as seen by Poles in other parts of the Country, are different than the majority of Polish people. And the pace of Warsaw city life is too fast for them.

In the apartment buildings that were build during the days of communism you find a mix of the older folks who have been in their flats since the buildings were first occupied and younger people who are replacing them as they die off and leave vacancies. As the younger move in, they renovate.

The populations in the areas in Warsaw dominated by these older buildings are a cross generational mix of the old Poland and new Poland.

And where the new buildings are, such as around the ends of the expanding metro lines, the population is young. The older folk cannot afford these new apartments.







warsaw poland
Warsaw Poland

We have tried to capture many of the views of Warsaw in our video section. Where there are not videos, there are descriptive text with pictures.

Visitors to Warsaw generally see it from the Centrum. It is a limited view of Poland.

It is also a limited view of Warsaw.

We hope that the series of videos that you see here, and those that you see in the YouTube playlist that you see below will help give you a better understanding of the city.



For those of you who have not been to Warsaw, here is a view of the Centrum from the the top of the Palace of Culture.











Here is a video that gives you one view. It is called Warsaw Capital City Poland.













And to keep it in perspective, Warsaw is a city of parks and flowers.











We do hope that this page about Warsaw Poland has been helpful.

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