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Warsaw West Train Station

This page is about the Warsaw West Train station, where it is and how to get to it.

The West Train staion is located at Aleje Jerozolimskie 144 if you access it by Jerozolimskie and ul. Tunelowa if you go directly to the train station ticket counter.

There is public bus service to the train station on Tunelowa itself and also to the West Bus Station from which one can get to the train platforms and the train station via tunnels. Local people tend to use the Tunelowa access because it is easier.Warsaw west train station

There is a separate video on how to get back and forth between the West Bus and West Train station from the Warsaw Central station at this link called Warsaw West Station To Warsaw Central Train Station

The distance between the Central Station and the West Station is about 4 kilometers. As such, when one weighs the cost of a cab versus the safety and convenience compared to taking a bus, especially with luggage, you are wise to take a cab.

Buying tickets is always difficult simply because many times the ticket vendors do not speak English. As such you are always advised to buy your tickets in advance.

Additionally, if you are departing Warsaw, you serve yourself well to depart from the Central Station. The services and the facility are much, much better. And there is also disabled access there.

If you are arriving in Warsaw with the intent of switching to a commuter train to go to a place like the Warsaw National Stadium or the West Bus Station, then it is a good choice. As long as you understand that there are only stairs and they are steep.


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