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Warsaw Royal Route

About the Warsaw Royal Route with a video tour.

Over the centuries the Polish Kings built castles and Palaces in Warsaw Poland and linked them via a series of roads that have come to be known as the Royal Route. The Warsaw Royal Route links the Royal Castle in Warsaw's Old Town with the palaces in the Lazienki Park and Wilanow.

The Royal Route is now lined with palaces, government buildings, churches and townhouses. When you travel it you see some of the great history of Poland.

Almost all visitors to Warsaw walk to the Old Town and experience the beauty and charm of the Royal Route in the process of taking that walk. Unfortunately most of them do not know that they are doing it and they miss so much. Were they to take the time and to ride the royal route by taxi cab and visit the various locations or to hire a private tour guide, they would experience a tour that is breathtaking in its beauty.

In a link in this page we have put pictures of the more famous palaces, parks and buildings to give you some feel for the beauty. The pictures, of course, on the internet do not do justice to what is on the ground in Warsaw. But they should give you idea enough so that you can pursue your thoughts when you get here.

On the Royal Route, the fullness of the city life of Warsaw is on display. As you walk toward the Old Town and the Royal Castle you will pass many open air cafes and be entertained by musicians who are spaced just far enough apart so that they do not interfere with each other. Today there are many elegant shops selling amber, glass, jewelry interspersed with coffee shops and wonderful restaurants where you can dine on Polish and international foods of all kinds.

In the summer, the main part of the Royal Route is a place of relaxation. In particular Sunday morning finds the coffee shops and outdoor cafes filled with people reading their newspapers and books to the serenade of local musicians filling the air with relaxing tunes.

If you have the time, when you come to Warsaw, do put the Royal Route on your itinerary.

We do hope that is page on the Warsaw Royal Route has been helpful.

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