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Warsaw, Poland Undergrounds

Crossing some of the wider and very busy streets in Warsaw is done via undergrounds. And in each of the undergrounds, the city has made space for small businesses. And if you are shopping in Warsaw, you will find that you can actually get some good prices on things sold in those shops. The reason is simple, the businesses depend on local customers. And those customers expect local, as compared to tourist, prices.

The largest undergrounds are under the Rondo at the junction of Al. Jerozolimskie and ul. Marszalkowska (Rondo Dmowskiego) and under the junction of Al. Jerozolimskie and Al Jana Pawla II.

Additionally, so that you get a feel for what is in the undergrounds there is, further down in this page, a video with some pictures of the underground at Rondo Dmowskiego.

The Warsaw Underground

The underground at the Rondo Dmowskiego conntects to the Warsaw Metro and the underground at the junction of Al. Jerozolimskie and Al Jana Pawla I connects to the Central Train Station (Dworcez Centralna). Each, therefore, generally has a different mix of people using them and a different mix of products and services sold.

Like any main train station in the world, Warsaw's has its share of people who prey on tourists. So a certain amount of care is necessary anywhere near the train station, including in its associated underground.

The Rondo Dmowskiego underground is more open, faster moving and a bit more pleasant. The continual flow of local people tends to keep those who target tourists away.

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