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About arriving in Warsaw, Poland by train and traveling to all points around Poland from Warsaw by train.

Train travel to, from and in Poland is quite comfortable and efficient. The InterCity and EuroCity trains are top grade and well serviced.

The main travel hub for rail travel in Poland is the Warsaw Central Station, Warsawa Centralny in Polish. It is located right in the center of the city.

There is a Warsaw tourist information desk in the main hall. If you have questions, go there. It is shown in the video below. The service rendered there is excellent. They have maps, books and very helpful people who are well trained. Do take the time to pick up the maps and other information. The service point is operated by the City of Warsaw and is filled with a lot of good free information.



The Trains Used In Warsaw

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warsaw train station
Train Station


This City of Warsaw is a dynamic modern city with modern buildings and excellent services. The train station is close to the upscale corporate business district and immediately next to the largest shopping center in the Warsaw Centrum.

The video below gives you a panoramic view of the area near the train station. It also gives you much more information about the station itself.

There are also another series of videos on YouTube related to the train station, including disabled train travel, that supplement this one. Go to the following link and search train. There are also well over 100 other videos about Poland and traveling in Poland. Polcham


The Warsaw Central Train Station

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Rail is the preferred method of travel by many business people, as well as the local population.

The main difficulty that tourists have with Polish rail travel is buying train tickets and making advance reservations.

That is because only the InterCity and EuroCity tickets can be bought online. All other tickets must be bought at a ticket booth. Here is a link to a very good discussion of buying train tickets in Poland. How to buy train tickets.

Getting from the train station to your final destination requires you, unless you have arranged for transfer services, to navigate the Warsaw Taxi cab or public transportation system. Do read Warsaw Taxi Cab








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