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About Warsaw's Old Town with what is there, what to see and what to do.

The Old Town in Warsaw is an interesting place to visit simply because it shows the look of Warsaw as it was many years ago.

But when you get there, you might find it just as interesting to visit the small museum on the far end of the Old Town Square and look at what happed to it during World War II. It was leveled.

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The buildings that you see today were rebuilt from the rubble. The work that went into the project is amazing. Even bricks were pieced to together to do the reconstruction.

There is a lot to do and a lot to see in the Old Town. Actually, it is a favorite place for Poles to go on weekends. Likewise many tour buses come to Warsaw from all over the country and the tour guides make it one of the places to see.

Do be sure to wander the side streets and to go on to the New Town. The entrance to the New Town is through the barbican at the northernmost part of the Old Town.

There is a lot of good food, excellent Polish handcraft and a lot to do.

Here is a link to a map that will help you find the Old Town. Map Of The Warsaw Old Town.

And here is a video tour that gives you some views of what is there. Watch this video now.

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