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A Guide To Warsaw Poland

Get a free copy of a travel guide plus a map of Warsaw.

To best see and understand Warsaw, when you get here it is best to get a printed guide. You can carry it with you, mark it up and make notes. It can also later be used as a record of your trip and a primary tool used in showing your friends and associates where you have been.

The hotels have many free guides and information. And they are good.

There is one guide that, in our opinion, is the one that you should be sure to get.

Some hotels provide a complimentary copy. If your hotel does not, you will have to buy one. The cost is nominal.

There are maps, tour information, backgrounders, and some of the best information that you will find about Warsaw. The text is well researched, well written, straight forward and sometimes fun to read.

The New York Times said of the product - "A cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks"

Let me say here that the MasterPage has no affiliation whatsoever with the publisher and do not get any form of compensation for this review. We recommend it because we use it ourselves - and we started work in Poland in 1992 so we know a little about the town.

Don't wait until you get to Warsaw. Contact the publisher and get your copy in advance.

Please also note that there are many other guides for cities around Poland and Europe that you can get from this publisher. We have not reviewed any of them and therefore make no recommendations either for or against. But given the quality of this one, they are well worth you looking at them.

Their web site is at Warsaw In Your Pocket When you go there you can see the web edition.

Get the printed edition. You will find it extremely useful.


We do hope that this Warsaw Poland Guide has helped.

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