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Warsaw Poland Centrum

About the Centrum in Warsaw Poland. Information, pictures and a video with links to specific locations

The Palace Of Culture At The Centrum

The Warsaw Centrum is quite large. But locally, it is understood to mean that area in the immediate vicinity of the Palace of Culture and the Centrum Rondo Dmowskiego at the junction of Al. Jerozolimskie and ul. Marszalkowska. Here is a map that shows its location. Map Of Centrum, Warsaw, Poland.

The Palace of Culture's distinctive size and shape make it visible for many miles outside Warsaw. As such, it is a navigation point for drivers. (And its clock tower is a locally appreciated convenience, as well.) To head to the Centrum is to head to the Palace of Culture.

In the video below, there are pictures of the area around the Rondo Dmowskiego. There are other videos in the Video Page index that show other parts of the Centrum that include, but are not limited to ul. Marszalkowska, ul. Jerozolimskie, ul. Nowy Swiat, ul. Swietokrzyska, the Centrum Metro Station and the Central Train Station. You can find them by going to the Video Page Index.

To see everything in Warsaw, you start your tour at the Centrum Rondo Dmowskiego and work outward. When you do you will see that the City Of Warsaw is a mix of the old and the new. It is a modern European city with a large selection of hotels from some of the best in Europe to local places that offer little more than a bed and bathroom. And you will see fine shopping, excellent restaurants and great entertainment.

If you come the Warsaw for a short time, like coming in by train and having to wait a bit for a connection, the Zlote Tarasy shopping center connects directly to the Central Train Station. There are many shops and restaurants that can keep you busy. Watch the video on Zlote Tarasy that you also find in the Video Page Index.

Many people who come into the Chopin airport and have a long wait for their next flight, take a cab to the Centrum for a quick look around and a little shopping. That can be a little risky since traffic sometimes gets blocked on the way back to the airport.

If you are going to wander around the Warsaw Poland Centrum, note the location of the Palace of Culture and you will always be able to find your way back to the Centrum. And from their you can find your hotel.

And here is a video Tour Warsaw - A Guide To The City Centrum Part 1


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There is more information about the Centrum here.

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