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Bike Riding In Warsaw Poland To The Zoo

How to get to the Warsaw Zoo by bike. A video and text information bike riding in Warsaw Poland.

A bike ride to the Warsaw Zoo presents you some distinct advantages. Probably the most is the avoidance of the hassle involved in getting a parking space at the Zoo. Parking is not bad during the week, but on weekends, it is difficult.

There are a couple bike paths around the Zoo. They are lightly used. The scenery is beautiful. The views from the Wisla River Bridge Most Gdanski are wonderful.

Though you cannot ride a bike inside the Warsaw Zoo grounds, there are bike racks just inside the gates. Because they are just behind the security guards, your bike is a little more safe.

If you live a long ways away and to not want to bike all the way, the Warsaw Gdanski train station is a traffic hub for trains, busses, trams and the metro. You can load your bike on one of these convenient public transportation systems and get close to the Zoo fast. The Zoo is just across the Most Gdanski (Gdansk Bridge), a distance of about 3 kilometers.

Bike Ride Over The Wisla River

In the video below we show you the ride not from Dworzec Gdanski but from Zoliborz across the bridge. We chose this route because we take bus 186 to the starting point in Zoliborz and then take a pleasant 8 kilometer ride to the Zoo.

In general you will find that bike riding in Warsaw is always quite pleasant.






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