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Bicycle Tour On The Wisla River In Warsaw

About a bike tour along the River Wisla is Warsaw, Poland in video and text.

Warsaw has many dedicated bike routes. In this page is information about the route along the River Wisla. The information includes a short video of the scenery.

The MasterPage contains other videos about bicycling in Poland. You are invited to watch each and learn about each route. We add a video each time we travel one of the routes.

The Wisla route is long. It runs from Zoliborz at Park Kepa Potocka all the way to the bridge Most Lazenkowski. At the bridge you can cross the Wisla by bike.

The path is pleasant. The views are great. There are many places you can stop and picnic or just enjoy the view.

One very nice thing about this bike route is that there are not that many pedestrians in the way. And there is no crossing auto traffic.



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