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Warsaw Palace Of Culture

About the Warsaw Palace of Culture with tourist information and help.

The Palace of culture in Warsaw Poland is at the center of Warsaw. It is a navigation, business, historical, and culture point. And it is the home of the Warsaw City government.

You can read a lot of official information about the Palace of Culture that tells you about the features and its history. That is, of course, is the official history and the official information. Here we will discuss other things.

First let us talk about the Palace of culture as an navigation point. People from Warsaw will tell you that the only place in Warsaw that you cannot see it is from its observation deck on the top.

When you come to Warsaw remember that. It used to be that no buildings could be built that would obscure a view of the Palace. The rules have changed and there are now some tall buildings that occasionally make it not possible to see. But if you see tall buildings and don't see the Palace, you are probably looking in the right direction.

picture Palace of Culture
Palace Of Culture

On a map of Warsaw you'll always see the Palace of Culture prominently displayed. And when giving directions to shops and restaurants, in many cases, people include the Palace of Culture as a reference.

The Palace of Culture is actually a fort and observation post. Some rooms in the Palace of Culture are separated by walls said that include armor plate.

The restrictions that required that buildings around the Palace not obstruct the view of the Palace were actually restrictions to allow a direct line of fire from the upper parts of the Palace of Culture to locations in the center of Warsaw.

If you look at the shape of the Palace you will notice that people can be deployed on the roofs to control the entire area around the Palace and to control the entire area in the center of Warsaw.

Today it houses the city government. It is also a location where many events and exhibitions are held.

It is a popular tourist attraction. People enjoy going to the top to get a complete panoramic view of Warsaw.

There's also a movie theater and some museums that attract many Polish people. In fact, the Warsaw Palace of Culture is a major tourist attraction for people from Poland. It is visited by many foreign tourists also, but for the most part it is a Polish tourist attraction.

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As much as the Polish people still resent the Russian dominance over the country for so many years, the Palace of Culture has become part of the Warsaw and the Polish people have changed their opinion from one of hatred of the great gray birthday cake in the center of their city to one of a certain sense of pride.

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