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Warsaw Centrum

Summary of Warsaw Centrum: What constitutes the Warsaw Centrum, how to get there from the Warsaw Airport and Warsaw Train Station.

arrival warsaw centrum by bus

All roads lead to the Warsaw Centrum. The Centrum is the center of Warsaw and that is generally defined by the Palace of Culture. Locally, when people in Warsaw talk about going to the Centrum, they mean that they are going to that area somewhere near the Warsaw Palace of Culture.

The center of the district that is called the Warsaw Centrum, as you can see from these pictures is far from the most attractive part of Warsaw. One would think that since it is really the first part of Warsaw that people see when they arrive by train or come into Warsaw from the Warsaw Airport that the City of Warsaw would have done something about rebuilding the Warsaw Centrum before everything else. But as it is, the Warasw Centrum has lagged behind the districts immediately around it. So when you first see the Warsaw Centrum, it does not represent what you will see just outside the Warsaw Centrum. The areas around the Warsaw Centrum are renovated and attractive. The area aroung the Palace of Culture is just getting around to it.

When driving to Warsaw, it is very easy to get to the Centrum. First the major roads all have signs that simply say "Centrum" Following them is easy. The signs give you direction and distance to the Warsaw Centrum. Beyond that, the local folks navigate by the Palace of Culture. Its tall spire is visible for miles outside Warsaw. As long as you can see the spire of the Warsaw Palace of Culture, you know where the Warsaw Centrum is.

If you come to the Warsaw Centrum by train, you will get off at the Warsaw Central Station. When you exit the Warsaw Central Train Station you will be in the Centrum. If you face the main road on which the Warsaw Central Station is, and then turn left, you are a couple minutes from the entrance to the Warsaw Subway system. You are also a couple minutes from the local commuter trains. And you are immediately across the street from the Warsaw Marriott Hotel.

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Finally here is a panoramic view of Warsaw that shows the Centrum.







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