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Warsaw Central Metro Station

About the Warsaw Central metro station with full information and a video tour.

warsaw centrum metro station

The Warsaw central metro station is part of the commuter terminal that lies in the center of Warsaw.

The commuter terminal consists of the Central Train Station, a local bus terminal behind the central train station, the Warsaw Central commuter train station and the central metro station.

The central metro station is the largest station on the north-south subway line in Warsaw. The East-West metro line connects to the north-south line one station north at Swietokrzyska. The reason for that is that there are a large number of train tracks going through the Centrum and the East-West line could not physically fit in the area.



The video to the left gives you an overview of the station itself and some information as to where it lies in the Centrum.

Here is a page that shows the Warsaw Centrum itself.

And here is another video that gives you an overview of the Warsaw Centrum as seen from the Palace of Culture.

There is general information about riding the metro, or subway, in Warsaw at this link and you were advised to review that.

There is a major customer service office on the second floor on this station. At that customer service office you can get long-term passes to ride the Metro as well as all the other public transportation systems in Warsaw.


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