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Warsaw Central Commuter Train Station

About the main commuter train station in the center of Warsaw, Poland.

warsaw commuter train

This train station is perhaps the heart of the Warsaw Central commuter transportation system. Even so, because it lies largely underground, with only a couple relatively small, nondescript, square buildings visible top side, most people who are new to Warsaw neither know that it is there nor understand its importance.

It really takes up a very large area in the Warsaw Centrum that visitors to see as nothing more than a great green area.

But thousands of people come into Warsaw from the outlying regions and come into this station to transfer the buses, trams and the subways.


The video to the left gives you an overview of the station.

Here is a link that gives you information about the Warsaw Centrum.

And here is a link to another video about the Warsaw Centrum as seen from the top of the Palace of culture.

This commuter station connects to the central station by a tunnel that takes you to the train platforms at the Central Station. There is no direct connection to the Wausau Metro in that you must i and then go down into the Warsaw Metro through its own entrance.

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