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Warsaw Capital City Poland

Poland's capital city of Poland in video, pictures and text with maps and directions.

Warsaw is a dynamic city that offers a rather interesting lifestyle for a variety of people.

Warsaw Capital City Poland
Warsaw, The Capital
City Of Poland

This city of Warsaw is a city of regions. Politically it is broken up into districts. And, interestingly enough, each of these districts tends to have a different population mix.

Most people that come to the capital city sees little more than the Centrum wore the center of the city. There is no doubt that there is a lot to see in the Centrum but there is also a lot more to see outside of the city center.

Poland's capital city suffers the same problem that many other capital cities suffer around the world. The population of the people in the capital tends to be different than the population in general.

If you look at the map that is under this link you can see the location of Warsaw within the country of Poland. Too many people it is an island and the people of Warsaw differ from the two other sections of the country often referred to as Poland A and Poland B.

To help you visualize the capital city of Poland we have included some videos below that give you a view of the city from the top of the Palace of culture to start.

Then we give you some other videos of the city that give you a better feel for what is in and around Warsaw.

Here is a panoramic view of Warsaw from the top of the Palace of Culture.

And this video shows the center of Warsaw. We have many other videos related to Warsaw that you can see by going to the playlist that you find at the bottom of this webpage.


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