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Picture Uniescie Poland
Uniescie, Poland

Uniescie, Poland On The Baltic Sea

The town of Uniescie, Poland lies in the shadow of Mielno. Like Mielno, it has wonderful beaches and a lot to offer. But in some ways it is more pleasant than Mielno because it leaves to Mielno most of the temporary stands and shops that cater to the tourists.

As you leave the carnival atmosphere of Mielno's main street you blend into Uniescie's more quite atmosphere.

Being on the Baltic, there are, of course, many beach entrances in the town. And there are many places to stay.

One notable advantage is that it is definitely easier to find a parking space in Uniescie than Mielno.

The road through both towns heads West to Łazy. That road runs along the narrow strip of land that has the Baltic to the North and Lake Jamno to the South.

It is actually the road West that is very attractive to tourists who want quite beaches and access to the great fresh water fishing available on Lake Jamno.

The road is a designated bike trail. And it you have the courage to ride the narrow road that is populated by people who tend to care less about safety, the scenery is beautiful.

Here are a couple pictures of Uniescie. They give you a flavor of what the town is like.

Picture Uniescie Poland Back To Mielno

Picture Uniescie Poland The Turn South

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