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Preparation For A Trip To Poland

In this page you get information about preparing for a trip to Poland. It gives you quick links to essentials.

The amount of trip preparation that you do can really affect the quality of your experience when you visit Poland. You can lay out a rather detailed trip plan and spend more quality time seeing the country and less time asking questions.

There is a lot to see and do in Poland. Even if you stay in the highly trafficked tourist areas you will see more if you know what to look for.

And even if you have a tour guide, being prepared makes a tour much more rewarding.

In this page we give you some tips and hints and references to some very good reading materials that you should consider.

Having said that, trip preparation to Poland entails checking the following things.

For Americans Traveling Abroad

The US Government has general information here.

Confirm You Have Met The Visa Requirements

Here are links that provide an overview of visa requirements for Poland. Do be sure to check this early.

Rules And Regulations Regarding A Visa To Poland

About Travel Visa to Visit Poland

How To Get A Poland Business Visa


Your Health

Medical Insurance

Before you travel to Poland check the terms of your insurance policy to be sure that it will cover you if you require medical assistance in Poland.

US government provided Medicaid does not cover you in Poland.

We recommend strongly that you get a separate travel insurance policy with medical coverage included. Information about such a policy is here. travel insurance with medical plans.

Additionally, you can buy inexpensive medical insurance in Poland. And if you are going to stay in country for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you get medical insurance from one of the private clinics such as LuxMed or Medicover.


If you are carrying prescription drugs, be sure to carry copies of your medical records that show that these prescription drugs are required and copies of any prescriptions that you have.

With these medical records if you are required to renew a prescription, you should be able to get a prescription from one of the private practicing physicians

Travel Insurance

This is one of those things that you should not leave home without. Travel insurance is really an essential thing that you should have. Here is information about travel insurance.

Your Money


Consider that ATM machines will be your main means of money transfer from your home bank to wherever you are in Poland.

There are ATM machines almost everywhere. The transfer rate is low and they are much more convenient than using travelers checks or using other wire transfer services.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are generally accepted. Be sure to have the PIN numbers for each of your cards. Some places in Europe will not take a credit card without a PIN number.

Travel Aids


Phrase books and dictionaries can help. In Poland, a good percentage of the people speak English.


Do have maps. They make all the difference in the World. And they are a safety item. Information about maps of Poland are at Maps of Poland


An android tablet can act as a communication center ( email, skype telephone), map, gps, information guide, video tour guide and camera.


Mobile telephone coverage is extensive. Intercity train lines have nearly continuous coverage. Their are paid public telephones in all the cities and towns. We recommend that you use Skype on your mobil or android to hold down the costs of calling and to make yourself available at low costs to your family and office at home.

Hotel Rooms

Hotels, listed by city, can be found at Hotels Poland By City.

Train Reservations

Train reservations can be made online. Here is a link to the train timetables for trains leaving Warsaw and here is a link where you can make reservations for all intercity trains in Poland.


The food selection varies by the size of the city. In the main cities, there are restaurants serving foods of most cultures. And the prices range from very affordable to very expensive.

We recommend that you get and read the book below Passport Poland that tell about eating in Poland.

Warsaw Airport Information

Everything including arrival procedures to getting to and leaving the airport. Warsaw Airport

Warsaw Central Station Information

Everything you have to know about the Central Train Station.

And here are some books that you should consider reading to make the most out of your trip.

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