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Poland Regional and Hotel Information, Travel Tips, Tourist Help and The Polish Culture in text and video.

fortress in Poland

About Traveling In Poland. A travel guide with information about traveling in Poland.

Travel information in video can be found in our special list of videos at Poland Travel Guide. There are also hundreds of video related to Poland in our YouTube channel at Polcham

Trip preparation and having the right information with you can make a big difference in your trip to Poland.

Start by reading about the Country and it's People. Lower in this page is a table of recommended reading.

In that recommended reading list there are some guidebooks.

If you are going to visit Warsaw, we recommend strongly that you read the monthly guide. That will give you the latest information as to what is happening. And it has a lot of information that you will not find anywhere else.

Poland is a big country. And it is a country of regions. A visit to Wroclaw shows you a Poland than a visit to Warsaw. The difference is amazing.


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