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When you visit Europe you are encouraged to take some time to travel poland. There is so much to see and so much to do. As long as you are in Europe, don't miss the opportunity.

In this web site you can find a great deal of information about Poland, how to get here and what to do when you get here. If you have never been to Poland or are considering coming, we have a special page that you might consider going to now. A second window will open in your web browser so that you do not lose this page. Go to Coming To Poland - Tips And Hints.

Travel to Poland is attractive to people for many purposes. Some people come to see the cultural attractions in the Old City's of Eastern Europe. Others come to invest in the developing economies of Eastern Europe's. Then there are many that travel to Poland for social purposes such as partying, and dating, medical tourism and sex tourism. Regardless of your interest and your reasons for travel, we have tried to give you information that will help you enjoy yourself.


Poland is becoming a more popular travel destination as more people return to their home country with good stories about their experiences. Of note, Krakow is now the most popular tourist destination in Europe.

When you travel Poland you will find that there are many different cultures depending on the region of the country that you visit. If you visit Krakow you will find a different cut culture than you will find in Warsaw, Poland. And then if you travel outside the cities into the countryside, you will also find major differences in the way people live and major differences in what you can do and see.

The country is fascinating and unique. The differences among the regions can be start. The people are different and have their own ways of life. To help you with some information about the various regions of the country, we have a regional guide that has links to each of the regions and main cities in Poland. You can find that at

Travelling between cities is very efficiently done by using the Polish rail system. The intercity train system is very efficient and very fast. Experienced travelers consider it the most efficient way to travel around the country.

Road travel in Poland is an experience in its own right. Polish drivers have a reputation as being reckless drivers. Avoiding the roads when you travel Poland is perhaps one of the best things that you can do for your own safety.

If you travel to the countryside, however it may be necessary that you do use the roads because of the lack of train service to some areas. If you going to rent a car in might be advisable for you to take a train to a close destination and rent-a-car at a point where you can minimize the amount of time that you spend on the roads.

Preparation For A Trip To Poland

In this page you get information about preparing for a trip to Poland.

Auschwitz Trip Preparation

This page will give you some basic help with preparing for you trip to Auschwitz. It should answer most of your questions.

Rules And Regulations Regarding A Visa To Poland

The Poland Visa information that follows is a general visa guide.

About Visiting Poland

If you are going to visit Poland you will be required to have satisfied the visa requirements that are in place for your country.

Poland Pictures

This page gives you some pictures of Poland. The country is large and the regions of Poland are diverse. Any collection of pictures of Poland can only show you a little about the country. In addition to the pictures of Poland in this page, you will find descriptive text of each of the regions of Poland in the text links.

Your Poland Travel And Polish Culture Guide For Polish Travel

A basic directory about what is available in the MasterPage when it comes to travel.

Free Travel Information And Travel Help For Poland

A personal services page for people considering travel to Poland. It gives you a direct path to our on line travel people.

Check Train Schedules, Make Reservations, Check Schedules

You can check the on line reservation systems and get personal help in making your arrangements for train travel. It should contain all the information that you need. But if not, you can contact us for personal help.



Polish Roads

The Polish Roads are not bad. The drivers are terrible. You should fully understand what you are getting into before you take a chance on driving in Poland.

Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

This will give you a lot of necessary help in buying your train tickets. And it gives you information about using the trains in Poland.

Poland Train Transportation

The public transportation system in Poland is extremely good and we recommend that you learn it well. This is a good discussion of the Polish train system.

Coming To Poland - Tips And Hints

It is the little things that count. This page is a result of many questions asked by people who are doing trip preparation before coming to Poland.

Poland Travel

Gives you the three main resources that you will want to use when you are planning your travel to Poland.




The oldest travel agency in Poland.

Medical Tourism

Now that Poland has joined the European Union, people are free to travel back and forth for medical procedures. On a comparative basis, it is much cheaper to get work done in Poland than Western Europe. Hence medical tourism has boomed. Here is basic information about it.

Poland Dentist And Other Polish Health Services

Polish dental work is extremely good and extremely cheap. Here is some good information about Polish Dental work and Polish Health Services in general.

Dental Work Poland

This is some more specific information about Dental work in Poland. If you need quality dental work at very low prices, this page will help you get information about Poland.

Find A Dentist

Once you are convinced that Poland is the place to get your dental work done, this page will help you find a dentist.

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