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Driving in Poland is neither convenient nor safe. The roads are generally not good and the drivers are generally irresponsible.

A lot has been said about the death rate in Poland on the Polish roads is due to the condition of the Polish roads. The prevailing opinion is that if the government would improve the roads, the death rate would go down. That opinion is based more on folly than fact.

For example, in a recent high profile accident, a Polish Olympic Swimmer ran off the road and hit a tree. Her brother was killed. The accident was broadcast on all the Television news channels, on the radio and received vast newsprint coverage. In all cases the coverage ended with a critique of the lack of progress in improving the Polish roads. The implication was that had the government improved the roads, the accident would not have occurred.

But this accident, like so many others, occurred on a rural road that would not be widened under any program. The driver was the cause of the accident. She was driving at very high speed and was in the wrong lane trying to pass four cars. She had to go off the road to the left to avoid hitting an oncoming car. The driver simply was not driving the way she should have been driving on a rural road.

Three cars passing side by side in no passing zone
Three cars passing
side by side in
no passing zone
before hill.

Likewise, city intersections and pedestrian crosswalks are highly hazardous to your health. It almost seems that intersections are a place where people accelerate so that they can avoid the possibility of a red light. Since a red light is too often considered little more than a suggestion to stop, there is a high collision rate at city intersections. And for a pedestrian in a cross walk, well he had best just stay out of the way of a car that is turning into the crosswalk.

The roads in Warsaw are very difficult to navigate. Putting aside the drivers who still think that the roads of Warsaw are part of a speedway, the roads are just not designed for the number of cars in the city. Traffic flow is horrible.

Some access roads to Warsaw are being upgraded with the addition of overpasses. But there are a limited number of access roads, so when one is blocked the entire city is often blocked.

Parking is limited. So finding a parking place is difficult.

But the most often complaint voiced by drivers in Warsaw is that they spent a half hour or more trying to go around an area to find a parking place. The traffic patterns in Warsaw are simply not conducive to getting back to a spot without a long trek away from that spot before you can turn back.

Drivers from outside the Warsaw region who do not know Warsaw well have a particularly hard time navigating the Warsaw roads. They go in circles and waste a lot of time.

Polish Roads Hints

In Warsaw, take a tram, bus or the metro. They will save you a lot of time. Get information about tickets and getting around Warsaw at this link. Buying Tickets And Using Them On Trams, The Metro And Buses

Take a cab. You will not have to worry about parking. Get information about taking a cab in Warsaw here. Warsaw Taxi Cab

Traveling between main cities is best done by train. For example, trains run between Krakow and Warsaw about every hour. And it only takes about three hours on a fast, comfortable train. Get information about train travel here. Arriving In Warsaw Poland by Train

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