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Traveling Around Poland

When you come to Poland you will end your entry process into the country when you are finally deposited at some hotel. At that point you go into the second phase of your trip to Poland.

That second phase is to discover the various ways to get around Poland. In this page we will discuss some basics and then supplement the information here with links out to specific issues.


Traveling By Rail

Poland has an extremely well developed rail system. Veteran expatriates use the rail systems extensively. If they can avoid driving on the Polish roads by using the rail system, the rail system is their travel method of choice.

The Polish trains are fast, clean, modern, and deliver you to locations all over the country quite efficiently. You can read about Polish trains at this link. Poland Train Transportation


Buses And Trams

When you are in the cities you will find the bus lines and the tramlines are well developed and can get you to many places very quickly and very inexpensively way. There are some tricks and tips for using these rail and bus lines that you should know.. Above all, be aware that is very easy to spot you as a foreigner and there are those who are more than willing to relieve you of the extra weight that you might be carrying in your wallet or pocketbook. Information about some personal security on the bus lines and tramlines is that this link. Information about the bus lines is that this link. Bus 175 Warsaw, Poland Information about the tram lines is at this link. Buying Tickets And Using Them On Trams, The Metro And Buses


Regional Airlines

There are intercity connections available that you can use to fly between cities. Local business people often use these air connections. But for the most part, the business people choose to use the trains or the Polish roads.


The Road System

Generally speaking, if you are unfamiliar with driving in Poland, to go on the Polish roads is to dare the gods. The roads of populated with drunks, aggressive and insecure teenagers and people who attempt to express the level of their masculinity by forcing you into difficult driving situations.

We recommend strongly if you can avoid the Polish roads, AVOID THEM.

Read about the Polish Roads here. Polish Roads


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