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Coming To Poland - Tips And Hints

Things that you should do to prepare to come to Poland. This is a check list for you to use.

If you are coming to Poland there is a lot that you can do in advance to help enjoy your stay. Here is a list of quicklinks to some of the more popular pages visited by travelers who come to our web site.

Useful Information When Coming To Poland

If you are coming by car and are going to be using a GPS system in Poland, be sure to read the information that you find at Using A GPS Map In Poland

Check the Weather Conditions You Can Expect - The Poland Outlook posts a travelers's weather update for each week. It is at News And Views From Poland. Typical weather conditions for the various seasons are at Poland Weather

The Polish News Roundup - Update yourself about current events. Continuously updated news about Poland.

Where To Shop In Warsaw - Here is some information about shopping in Warsaw. Go to Shopping In Warsaw

Tours And Guides - Walking tours can be arranged in the major cities in Poland. Tour guides with cars are also available. See Poland Tours And Tourist Services and Tour Guides

Learn About Using Telephones In Poland - Know how to communicate before you get here. This page has practical in country tips. Go to How To Use The Phones In Poland

Business Help - If you want to visit factories and have a guide or translator help you, go here for information. Visiting Suppliers And Factories in Poland.

Visa Requirements. Information about these is that this link. Rules And Regulations Regarding A Visa To Poland

If you require a letter of invitation from a Polish company in order to get a visa to travel to Poland, read the information about the letters of recommendation that you find that this link.

When you travel you must always be sure to make arrangements for your personal security and the ability to notify your next of kin should that be required. Review the embassies page and be sure that you have the contact information for the Embassy of your country. If you are traveling outside Warsaw do some research and find the consular offices in the outlying cities. Information about the embassies in Poland is that this link. Embassies In Poland

International travel insurance is a must. You may get hurt and need medical insurance and you may lose some valuables. Information about international travel insurance is that this link. Travel Insurance

How To Exchange Money In Poland - Learn how to handle your money here.

You should consider learning a bit about the country. With the background knowledge that you get by doing your homework, you can plan your trip much more efficiently and you will have a much better time. There are books that we recommend that you read about Poland and they are located at the this link. Travel And Culture Guides - Poland's Culture, Heritage and History

Once you get here you going to want to know how to get around the country. We have a separate page that gives a lot of information about getting around Poland. Invited to look at the information about getting around Poland that is that this link.Getting Around Poland

Use the search engine to find topics of specific interest to you. If you do not find what you want, send us feedback so that we can help.

And here are some books that you should consider reading to make the most out of your trip.

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