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For your convenience we have listed the three most popular places that people start when they are making travel plans. If you click on each of the pictures that you see below the issue will be taken to the sections that are described in the section under each of the pictures.

Warsaw, Poland

There is a lot more travel information below these links that might interest you as you prepare your trip. Information about tour guides, companions and where to shop are included.

How To Get Travel Help

Online Help There is an online travel reservation system under this link that you can use. It uses the main reservation system for Poland and you will find that because of its size you will be able to get the best rates.


In making your plans, there is a lot more to it than just booking flights and hotel rooms. It is this extra planning that makes the difference between a good trip and an outstanding trip. And what is nice about this extra planning is that it is very to do in this page. Over the years we have accumulated a large number of topic specific pages that will help you on your trip to Poland. They cover topics as seen from a person who has traveled in Eastern Europe for over 15 years. They are covered in topic specific pages that have been updated and changed as the country changes.

In the table of contents there is a lot of information about arrival procedures and how to get from the airports and train stations to the city centers. Poland is the same as every other country in Europe. There are people who make a living preying on unsuspecting tourists at the train stations and airports. This section gives you information about protecting yourself from them. Do take the time to look at it.

There is a lot to see when you come here. And you can see a lot more if you have a personal guide or companion.

If you are traveling to Poland on business, you might be interested in the section that gives you information about the opportunities for doing business when you arrive and the services that are offered to you. They include assistance with meeting factory representatives and guided buying trips to outlying cities such as Gdansk where you can buy amber and silver jewelry. You can find information at Doing Business With Poland

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