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Train Schedules And Tickets For Warsaw Gdansk

Get train tickets, reservations and schedules for trains between Warsaw and Gdansk Gdynia Poland.

Polish intercity train
InterCity Train

There are many trains running between Warsaw and Gdansk. Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are close neighbors so trains pass through Gdansk to Gdynia. When you look at schedules, look for trains to Gdynia and you will find that they stop in Gdansk.

There are many trains running the route between Warsaw and Gdynia. Most are Pospierszny (Fast) trains. There are several intercity trains providing service.

You can buy tickets online for the Intercity Trains. You cannot buy online for the Fast Trains. Someone must visit the station for you.

There is a lot of rail traffic on the Warsaw - Gdansk run. Most of it is express and fast train traffic for which you must buy tickets offline. If you are not familiar with the Polish railroads and do not speak Polish, use the intercity trains.

Intercity Train Tickets And Schedules Warsaw To Gdansk

warsaw gdansk train schedules


The shedules and costs shown here are for illustration only.

They must be confirmed by going to Check Schedules And Buy Tickets.

Note that this image shows only the early trains. There are later trains. You will find the times for those trains at the link above.

Departure points are Warszawa Centralna ( the Warsaw Central Staion) and Warszawa Zachodni (the Warsaw West Station).

You can buy these tickets off line at ticket counters at train stations around Poland.

That can be a trying experience if you are new to the train system in Poland.

We recommend strongly that you book in advance and book online. It is perhaps the safest and definitely mose convenient.

Lower in this page is a video that shows you what it is like buying tickets offline.

We do hope that you will take the time to watch it and make any comments or ask questions by using the video comment box.

As a time saving hint, there are often some significant delays on this run. We recommend that you schedule to leave Warsaw at an early hour so that you get to Gdansk without wasting a day.

To make reservations, go to Train Reservations Poland.


The video to the left gives you good information on the general ticket buying process in Poland.




We do hope that this Train Schedules And Tickets For Warsaw Gdansk page has been helpful.

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