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Trains Between Warsaw And Berlin

Train schedules and tickets between Warsaw, Poland and Berlin Germany.

EC express car 273

The train between Warsaw and Berlin is a EuroCity train. The EuroCity trains are modern, high speed fast trains. They have a limited number of stops. Service on the trains is good.

There are cars with compartments and open cars with seating. The open seating cars tend to be sold out earlier than the compartments. So do be sure to reserve tickets as early as you can. You can do that online and the links to do that are below.

The picture to the right show you an open seating car.

Below is information about ticketing and schedules. And it gives you options as to how you can buy tickets.

And then there is video information about the EuroCity trains that run between Berlin and Warsaw. These are the best trains with the best service in Eastern Europe. And they run throughout Eastern Europe.

The train from Warsaw to Berlin departs from Warszawa Centralna ( the Warsaw Central Staion.)

warsaw to berlin train schedules

The train schedules and prices shown to the left are for illustration only.

Schedules, prices and ticket availability must be checked by going to Train Reservations Poland.

To save you time we have provided summary Information about Trains between Berlin, Germany and Warsaw Poland in this page.The trains are EuroCity trains. Comprehensive, and perhaps the best, information about the EuroCity Trains is at Eurocity Trains Poland

Buying Intercity Train Tickets in Poland is fairly straight forward. They can be purchased online using either the Polish or English versions of the ICC PKP Intercity Train web page.

Or you can use Rail Europe Some people have told us that they find this more informative and more useful for planning.

And Rail Europe offers a Rail Pass. It can save you a lot of money. Look at the one for Eastern Europe Here. If you need one for Germany, go here. German Rail Pass

Reservations are required. You can make them through the links provided.

Trains In Poland

The trains stop for a short period at the German - Polish border to change motors.

The video to the left shows you what the trains are like in Poland.

More complete information about the Warsaw to Berlin train can be found at The Train Between Warsaw And Berlin


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We do hope that this Trains Between Berlin And Warsaw has been helpful.

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