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Train Travel Between Warsaw And Berlin

Warsaw Berlin train information including links to schedules and about the train.

The trip by EC Berlin Warszawa Express train from Warsaw to Poznan and on to Berlin, Germany is as convenient a train trip that you will take.

The passenger cars are very comfortable.

You can choose fist or second class. Some cars have compartments and others are open.

Here is a picture of open seating car #273 that is on the EC train from Warsaw To Berlin. Cars #273 and #274 are open seating cars.

The train from Warsaw to Berlin departs from Warszawa Centralna ( the Warsaw Central Staion.)

warsaw to berlin train schedules

The train schedules and prices shown to the left are for illustration only.

Schedules, prices and ticket availability must be checked by going to Train Reservations Poland.

All seating is by reservation only.

The compartments have overhead baggage storage.

The open cars have overhead baggage storage and extra storage at either end of the cars.

If you have a lot of baggage, the open cars are a better choice than the compartments.

There are smoking compartments and non smoking compartments.

The open cars are non smoking. People smoke in the passageways between the cars.

The course is over rails designed for high speed trains so the ride is smooth, quiet and fast. The rail system is electrified and you will be pulled by a high speed motor.

There is a restaurant car between the first class and second class sections. The car is operated by a company separate and distinct from the railroad. The menu can be described as what you would expect on a railroad - acceptable and nothing remarkable.

If you do not wish to use the restaurant car you can order coffee, tea and juices from a cart that travels the cars about every hour. It also has on it sandwiches and juices .They are expensive. Experienced travelers in Europe bring thermoses of coffee, sandwiches and other drinks, including water.

Some cars have electric outlets at either end that you can use to recharge your lap top. Some cars have outlets in the compartments. Since the conductors control the power to the outlets you may have to ask to have them turned on.

There is a special section where you can store you bike.

There is also a place for travelers using wheelchairs.

There are conductors on board who speak Polish, English and German. They are courteous and very willing to help.

The travel time from Warsaw to Poznan is about two hours and 55 minutes. That is that you arrive at about 10:20. The trains generally run on schedule.

The station in Poznan is within walking distance of the Ponznan Trade Fairgrounds. In fact, if you look out the left window of any train carriage you will see the Poznan Fair Grounds tower. See Poznan Trade Fair

Moving on to Berlin will take you to Zeppin. There you have about a 10 minute wait as the Polish motor is changed for a German one.

Because Poland is a member of the European Union, there are no routine border checks. Occasionally, however, some border control people will board here and ride to Frankfurt Am Oder. They may make spot checks.

The trip from Poznan to Berlin takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. That means that you arrive at about 1305 .

It is a pleasant ride on a very nice, well maintained and well served piece of equipment.

There is also more information about schedules and getting tickets at Warsaw Berlin Schedules

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