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Intercity Train Tickets In Poland

About buying train tickets for intercity trains in Poland.

Polish intercity train
InterCity Train

In this page are intercity train tickets that you can buy online. There is a video about buying train tickets in general.

And there is information about the intercity train system in general plus specific information about its use.

Because seating on intercity trains is by reservation only, and because some of the trains are very popular, it is best if you buy your tickets as well in advance as possible. The systems below allow you to do just that.

You can, of course, buy tickets offline at the intercity train counters. But since most people coming to this web site are interested in online purchases, we focus on that here. If you are considering buying tickets off line, watch the video in the deeper parts of this page.

Buying Intercity Train Tickets in Poland is fairly straight forward. They can be purchased online using either the Polish or English versions of the ICC PKP Intercity Train web page.

We, however, recommend Rail Europe You get tickets in Poland and all other countries in Europe and Eastern Europe.


Use these services for all your Intercity ticketing needs.

Intercity Train Tickets

Use this to my intercity train tickets. Is limited to intercity trains. You might want to read about them out this link.


Hotels By City

Find what is available directly in over 400 cities in Poland.

Poland Shuttle

Limousine services, airport transfers and more. This outfit pretty much satisfies all your ground transfer needs other than trains.

International Travel Insurance

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About InterCity Trains And Ticketing

You will note that there are four categories of trains.

1. IC - InterCity trains. - These are the fastest trains. The make very few stops along the way. They require reservations. .

2. Ex - Express trains - This class of trains makes more stops. They require reservations.

3. M - These are what are called " fast trains" . They require reservations.

4.W - Night trains with sleeper coaches and couchettes. They require reservations.

Intercity trains are the only trains for which you can buy tickets online. All other tickets must be bought at a ticket counter. See How To Buy Train Tickets




We do hope that this Intercity train tickets in Poland has been helpful.

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