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Train Ride Znin Poland

Things to do in Poland - the narrow gauge train ride in Znin Poland.

Narrow Gauge Passenger Cars

Some very popular toursist attractions are located in the region of Biskupin, Poland.

First and foremost is the Biskupin Archeological Museum. It is an amazing reconstruction of an iron age village. Alongside the reconstructed works you can see original poles protruding from the marsh that has preserved them for some 4500 years.

And then there is the Wenecja Train Museum. You can read about that at SteamTrainInfo Wenecja Museum.

The train schedule can be found here. Znin Narrow Rail Schedule.

The train ride itself is very pleasant. The scenery is beautiful. And the overall atmosphere is pleasant.

This video shows you more of what we are trying to say.

You may not be into trains, but do go to the Archeological Museum. And while you are there, follow the crowds as they load into the passenger cars to ride up to the Narrow Gauge Train Museum. Visit that and then take the next train back to your car.

If you know someone who likes to make models, here is a gift suggestion. Model plans for steam and narrow gauge locomotives. See them at Train Models .




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