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Traditional Amber Jewelry

About traditional polish amber jewelry and its position in the Polish culture.

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For your convenience, direct access to a reliable source of traditional amber jewelry is at Natural Baltic Amber.

In this page is a rather interesting video showing how amber beads were made before the coming of electricity. And it shows some very interesting pieces of traditional amber jewelry.

Jewelry as it was made during the middle ages is still available today. Unfortunately there is a large amount of counterfeit product, in the form of resins and plastics, on the market.

The information in this page should give you some background on how to find the right thing and where to get it.

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Natural baltic amber jewelry in Poland has long been considered something very valuable.

If one goes into the older churches around the country, one sees many displays of gifts of amber necklaces.

Even after the Black Madonna in Czestochowa the area around the Black Madonna is filled with gifts of amber necklaces and other amber jewelry.

Those necklaces differ significantly from those that are most popular today in that they are generally made from raw, unpolished natural baltic amber chips.




The video to the left shows how Amber beads were made before electricity got to the countryside.

The making of amber jewelry has long been a cottage industry in Poland and Eastern Europe in general. And when one considers that electricity did not get to the countryside until not too recent past, the method used by the man shown in the video are rather quite typical.

The products that he makes are in fact, available commercially. But because of the high labor costs involved in making even a single bead, his products are considered specialty and gift items.

Natural Baltic amber jewelry is available through Natural Baltic Amber

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