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Private tour guide services for Poland. Short or long term availablity.

Many seasoned travelers appreciate having a knowledgeable person who can give them an introduction to a new city or region. In all major Polish cities, we use the best guides, fluent in a total of 15 foreign languages and with specializations in art, religion, industrial history, Jewish or German history, etc.

You can have individual self guided tours and see parts of Poland most visitors never see or you can arrange for one of the popular and informative standard tours.

Royal Route And Old Town - A visit to Warsaw is not complete without a look at the history and beauty that you will see on this tour.

Chopin - Warsaw is the place to visit the fantastic history of Chopin. The Chopin Tour is extremely popular.

Night Out - Visit restaurants, the Opera, the Philharmonic, a Theater, nightclubs, pubs, discos with a tour guide who will get you to the right places and help make your evening pleasant. Tour guides are generally well educated university students who speak multiple languages.

Best Shopping - There are some great places to shop in Warsaw that most tourists miss. If you would like someone to help you find just what you want at the best prices, one of the tour guides in this category is just what you need.

The Country - Tour the countryside for a day and visit with Polish people outside the city environment. If you wish, you can stay with a Polish family, stay on a small family run farm, stay at a lakeside camp or one of many other interesting locations. You can have a tour guide only, have a tour guide with a car or have us make the travel arrangements for you and you can travel alone. Your tour guide can also make the arrangements, drop you off and pick you up when you are ready.

Self Guided Tours -Would you like take a tour and be able to decide when and where to stop, and for how long? Would you like to see places less often seen by visitors to Poland? Would you like to visit your ancestors home town?

You can do it on foot, train or car. One of our tour guides will act as your assistants to see that you don't get lost.

Amber Road - Travel from Warsaw to Gdansk Poland on your own private Amber buying trip. Visit Polish Amber Manufacturers and buy hand made Polish silver and amber jewelry wholesale. Your tour guide will be knowledgeable in the amber and silver jewelry business in Poland and will be able to find those factories that produce just what you want.

Our tour guides can also take you on your own custom tailored tour.

If you are interested in having a tour guide for your trip to Poland, please tell us what you need here. Contact


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