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The main tour Poland site with information about the many tour services offered by tour guides in Poland.

There are essentially three types of tours listed in this page.

They are:

exclusive escorted tours on fixed dates.

city tours available on order

custom tours arranged to your specifications.

All of the tours are available through the Poland Chamber Travel Service.

Below are briefs of some of the tours. There are others.

If you want more information about any of those listed, or anything you would like to see or do, send email to the addresses shown in the brief. You will get information returned.



Summary: Escorted tours of Poland conducted in English, using small luxurious coaches, superior class hotels, and a wide range of special program included. Best itineraries and guides, personal service since 2003. Guaranteed departure dates from May through October 2012. 8-12 days from 900 GBP/ 1000 EUR/ 1400 USD. To assure private experience, the groups you can join are small: max 22 participants.

stay poland

The Spirit of Poland

(8 days) - May, September 2012 An introductory tour. The best sights that you can see and visit if you only have seven days. See the new and the old capitals Warsaw and Krakow, the Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial, Czestochowa Monastery, the beautiful Tatra Mountains, and the world-famous salt mines in Wieliczka.

Itinerary: Warsaw – Czestochowa – Krakow – Auschwitz – Wadowice – Wieliczka – Zakopane (Tatra Mountains) – Podhale Region - Baranow Sandomierski - Sandomierz - Kazimierz Dolny - Warsaw

For information about this tour please tell us what you need here. Contact



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Grand Tour of Poland

(12 days) - May, July, August, September 2012A comprehensive tour that will show you almost the entire country. Extensive traveling around Poland's most interesting regions. Besides the areas featured in The Spirit of Poland, we also visit the largest Teutonic castle in Malbork, the captivating city of Gdansk and the Baltic Sea, we will drive to magical Gniezno (the first capital of Poland) and the exquisite Silesian capital Wroclaw.

Itinerary: Warsaw – Ostroda Canal – Malbork Castle – Tricity – Torun – Gniezno – Wroclaw – Swidnica – Auschwitz – Zakopane (Tatra Mountains) – Krakow – Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – Wadowice – Wieliczka – Czestochowa – Warsaw





Listed in this section are city tours for the major cities in Poland. Custom tour itineraries can be made for you.

You can also ask for a Geneological Tour.


new warsaw


The capital of Poland and the biggest Polish city. Almost completely destroyed during the World War II and then rebuilt, Warsaw is full of striking contrasts. It is extremely interesting to contrast what there is now with what the city used to be like 65 years ago, before it disappeared during the World War II. Guide services prove very helpful. We present a comprehensive selection of 15 tours and excursions that can be taken in Warsaw and also in its environs.



The old seat of Polish kings is Poland's most renowned tourist destination. The city of artistic circles and culture with centuries-long history attracts millions of tourists every year. Ideal for a romantic stay or a party weekend. Our guides are able to show you the city from twelve perspectives and there are plenty of excursions to the environs (Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Tatra mountains, wooden churches etc.)



Gdansk is a part of Tricity agglomeration, together with the famous resort Sopot and the seaport of Gdynia. This gentle and cheerful maritime town used to be the richest city within the present Polish borders. In the world it is known as the city of the Solidarity movement and the birthplace of Lech Walesa. Now it is ideal for gentle strolls, amber shopping and short one-day excursions.




It is difficult to encapsulate Wroclaw into a simple description. Many people rate historical Wroclaw as the finest and most laid-back city in Poland. Not only Wroclaw, but also the entire Silesian region is worth a longer stay. Consider our excursions to the surrounding cultural landscape.



Katowice is the city with the post-industrial flavour. What was once a prosperous coal-mining region is still the biggest conurbation in Central-Eastern Europe. The city attracts business now and can be also exciting for people interested in social studies and ecology. The industrially exploited area is full of surprises and conveniently located between Krakow and Wroclaw.





The east of Poland has many enthusiasts. Lublin is a pleasant town less than 200 kilometres from Warsaw. There are several interesting places in the town you can miss without a local guide. Our excursions can take you to other interesting places in the proximity of Lublin: old small towns and places paying testimony to the Holocaust






The second biggest city in Poland is a mystery, a very photogenic enigma. We invite you to explore traces of its past splendour. In the 19th century the city mushroomed around cotton mills into a very specific metropolis. Help of a professional guide is imperative if you want to discover its off-the-beaten-track nooks. We offer both short and longer city tours.




Poznan is widely acclaimed as a business or trade fairs city. It is quite probable that you come for business and get keen on learning more. We can provide knowledgeable guides and help with exploring the environs - the cradle of the Polish state.





Szczecin is one of the towns where the beauty is not obvious and readily tangible. It is a very interesting harbour city with an old castle, Parisian stellar street layout and and fin de siècle villas. Our selected local guides can provide the right kind of introduction to the city of Szczecin.






Along with Krakow, Torun ranks among the prettiest Polish cities which remained practically unscathed in World War II. Take a city tour around the "Pearl of Gothic" to learn about mysteries of this beautiful town packed with heritage.






The capital of Polish mountains is in fact a small town. Our guides can help you to explore the less visible aspects of the highlanders' region. The highest mountains are near at hand. If you like hiking or mountaineering, in several cases you may need an assistance of a local mountain guide for an enjoyable and safe adrenaline climbing.





Custom Tours And Tour Guides

Private Tour Guides In Poland

In many cases you will want to have a private tour guide. When you go here you will find the various options available for you to have your own private tour guide.




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