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Top Exports From Poland

This page discusses the top consumer product exports from Poland.

Poland has developed a reputation for creativity, reliability, and high quality products that are sought by people who are looking for unique pieces for their homes.

The items listed are those that are very attractive to shops in the United States and Europe that are selling to people interested in quality. These products are generally sold from small shops and boutiques. It is not very often that you find these products in a large retail store.

There are two aspects to top consumer exports. One concerns what tourists buy when they come to Poland. And the other concerns what businesses outside Poland buy. If you are interested in looking at the consumer products that are most popular for exports, go to Distribution Opportunities.

National Treasures Most Often Bought In Poland By Foreigners

Polish linen - guests from the West were the first ones that agreed with the slogan: "It decorates you and your table", In the West a creesed linen suit is more trendy than English wool. Table clothes and napkins are part of the extra luggage taken home by foreigners.

Dwarfs and family - you can like them or not, but what would the economy in Lubuskie region look like if it wasn't for the garden dwarfs? Recently the border region lanscape is dominated by gipsum cats, dogs, swans and other figures.

Zubrowka, wyborowa and belvedere - Polish vodka with style. The Dutch call Zubrowka "Grassovka". The French struggle to pronounce the names corectly. In US, Wyborova is more expensive than Abolute. The latest Wyborova bottle was designed by Frank Gehry himself. The elegant bottles with Belvedere populate the shelves of the London Harrods.

Traditional sewn shoes - the etno style in fashion increased the popularity of these shoes. The alternative youth from Amsterdam and Berklin prefers the cockneye and glans made by a small company in Krakow. One pair in one week.

Glass from Krosno - designed by young artists from Art Academy in Wroclaw and hand made in Krosno. Sought for specially by Spaniards and Brits.

New Polish paintings - Maciejowski, Bogacka, Sasnal make paintings engaged between realism and New Wild. It is well liked in the world, has its' price. Cheaper in Poland.

Wooden toys - wooden blocks and toys are a luxury, because they are hand made and ecological. Tourists storm Polish stores, where they can buy friendly items, available at every local bazaar.

Amber and silver - Amber was for thousands of years a very popular merchandise. Now combined with silver into modern jewelry. Less expensive in Poland than in other parts of the world.

Wedel chocolate - hand decorated, it is the most popular present for friends abroad. Together with "Ptasie mleczko" (mousse) and prunes in chocolate from Naleczow, it is a proud ambassador of Polish taste.

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec Italians visiting Warsaw, travel to nearby Miedzylesie to the factory outlet of Boleslawiec factory. Cups, mugs, pitcher and other items hand decorated with stamping technique continue to impress foreigners.

The prospects for growth of Polish companies is excellent. More and more people around the world are tiring of the cheap imitations that are so often made by companies pirating ideas and designs. And as these people tire they come back to the regional source and that is very often a country in Eastern Europe and very often Poland.

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