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Things to see and do in Poland with videos and essential tourist information.

fortress in Poland
Medieval Fortresses To Visit

Of first interest are the hundreds of videos that we have posted on Youtube about Poland and things to see in Poland. You can find a good starting list at Things To See In Poland.

Dhere is no doubt that on your first trip to Poland you will probably focus on doing things and seeing things in or close to the city that you visit.

To help you preview what you think about looking when you get to Poland, we have posted many of the videos that you see by going to the video playlist above. Do start there.

We have been in Poland for many years and continually tour the country and are always fascinated by the many things you can find when you take the time to use a road atlas and venture a few kilometers off the main roads.

Information about the road atlas that we will use can be found at this link. Highways And Byways

Before you come to Poland, we recommend strongly that you consider something like the roadmap mentioned above and/or to go online and join the chat room related to Poland and talk with people. Ask them what they recommend that you should see when you come to the country. People in the chat rooms are very helpful. And they know more about what people really like.

If you are located in Poland and have an attraction that you would like to tell people about, you are invited add a video about that attraction to our promotional video that you find at this link. Tour of Poland In Pictures .

Information about how to add your video can be found here. Add Video About Poland

Below are a series of books that will help you better enjoy your trip to Poland and help you better choose from among the many things to see and do In Poland.

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