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How To Use Skype Out

Though Skype is used by many millions of people, you will still have to rely on the regular phones simply because they are not always sitting at their computer to be able to take a free Skype call.

The Skype people recognize that. So they give you options.

One option they call SkypeOut. SkypeOut is a little piece of software to call phones anywhere in the world. It's free to download, easy to use and has excellent sound quality. Download Skype, create a Skype Name, load a little credit to your account and you're all set to make your first call.

Using SkypeOut you can call any phone, anywhere in the world. Incredibly CHEAP!

For example, if you are located in the United States or Canada, you can make unlimited phone calls for 12 months from numbers in those countries to numbers in those countries for $29.95 paid once, or $8.85 for three months.

If you call internationally, your rate starts from 2.1 cents per minute to 30 destinations. The rates vary with the destination country. The rates between Poland and the United States, are 2.1 cents per minute.

The SkypeOut option is particularly useful if you are in business. It allows you to cut your phone bills dramatically and to put the cash to use in better ways. And if you are involved in international business, it is the lowest cost way to make calls.

At the same time, for families with students at college, a skype account for them takes the pressure off your budget.

The system is very easy to get. You start with the free skype program that allows you to make computer to computer calls. It is just a matter of downloading the program and setting it up on your computer. Once that is set up, which is very easy to do, you just choose to subscribe to the SkypeOut option.

You can see how the SkypeOut option works by going here. SkypeOut

Once you try SkypeOut, you are likely also to look at SkypeIn. Information about that is here. About Skype In

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