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How To Use Skype In

In brief, SkypeIn is telephone number that lets you receive calls on Skype, from anyone, anywhere in the world.

You choose a telephone number where your customers are based so that they only have to make a local phone call to you.

For example, we take phone calls in Warsaw, Poland. But you only have to call our local number in Webster, Massachusetts. 508 471 4462. We answer on our computer in Warsaw. It costs us only $60 per year. There is an option to pay $18 for three months, but after the first 3 months, we were convinced and shifted to annual payment.

With the phone number comes free voice mail. The voice mail feature really comes in handy if your are involved in international business. Most of the time people do not realize, if though you post it on your web site, that they are calling a Skype In phone, and you get phone calls all night long. The voice mail covers for you and your can return the phone calls the next day. We do that using Skype Out. You can read about SkypeOut here. About Skype Out

It is our experience that the Skype In phone has increased our sales and customer retention. Even though we publish our free Skype ID, people just prefer to call us on the phone.

A business relationship is all about personal contact. And you just can't develop that by email. But you can by phone.

Skype In gets them to call you. And then Skype Out lets you call them without breaking the budget. We find it one of the best things that we have done to increase our sales.

There are more details about Skype In here. Skype In

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