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Warsaw Airport Taxi

How to take a Warsaw Airport Taxi Cab to the Warsaw City Center. Taxi cab tips and safety.

Getting to Warsaw from the Airport by taxi cab is fast and efficient. Only approved cabs may pick up passengers at the airport.

Also consider airport transfer services. See Airport Transfer Warsaw


Below is a video that we made to show you how to find the cabs when you leave the arrival hall.

The taxi cab fare rates are posted on the cab windows. You can get an approximation of your cost by using the get directions function in the map above. It will give you the distance from the terminal to your location. Since you will leave from the vicinity of the Marriott Courtyard, use that as your departure point when you use the map.

Warsaw Airpot Taxi Stand
Warsaw Airport
Taxi Stand

For your convenience, the distance from the Warsaw Airport by taxi cab to:

the Warsaw Central Station is about 9 km.

the Warsaw West Bus And Train Station is about 8 km.

the Warsaw City Center is about 9 km.

the Wasaw Old Town is about 15 km.

the Warsaw National (football) Stadium is about 13 km.

Fares for cabs at the Warsaw Airport are in the vicinity of 2.2 zloty per kilometer. Current currency exchange rates are at Exchange Rates

All fares are by meter and you will be given a receipt.

It may be worth your time to go to an ATM machine and immediately withdraw about 200 Zloty of pocket change. It will help you as you make your way to your first destination. There are ATMs in the arrival hall.


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