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Street Map Of Poland

The term street map covers a lot of ground. So we have to approach giving you the information from a couple different angels.

If you are interested in local, hand held street maps that you can use when you are in country, you can best get them at your hotel, or one of the tourist service points in the city you are visiting. And if you plan to visit more than one city, you will need to buy a street map for each city.

As you travel the country and visit the smaller cities and towns you will find that generally there is a street map posted in the centrum. It generally also shows you how to get to the towns points of interest. Usually these smaller cities will not have a local map and you will have to use the posted information.



Online Street Map Of Poland


Online maps are useful if you are doing trip planning or just doing research. The Google map system is particularly nice to use since it has the satellite images. We have found them to be most helpful in planning.

But on the other hand, Google maps sometimes do not have all the streets and addresses listed. So it can be a little frustrating to use.

We have found a Polish street map system that has much more to offer in terms of being complete. Additionally its travel planning system is much better because it gives you landmarks and distances rather than just distances. The link to that service is under the image above.

For information about street maps for each of the cities in Poland, go to City Maps.

Picture Tour Of Poland

Many times pictures can tell you much more than maps.

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To the left is a video tour of Poland. You are invited to watch it and comment.


We do hope that this Street Maps of Poland has helped.

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