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Sochaczew Poland Narrow Gauge Train Trip

About the very popular narrow gauge train trip that you can take starting in Sochaczew, Poland.

sochaczew poland museum

Here is a direct link to the Museum web page. Unfortuneately it is only in Poland. Sochaczew Narrow Gauge Train Museum And it is quite uninformative.

We will in this page give you information about a train ride that you can take on the original line from the station in Sochaczew to the Kampinos State Forrest where the train company used to pick up lumber.

A visit to the museum for a train ride starts with a tour of the museum. There are 160 and counting exhibits for you to see. A museum guide takes the group through the major attractions and gives a lot of good background information about narrow gauge operations in Poland.

You then go to your reserved seat on original, old, passenger cars. A slow trip through the city and countryside takes you to the Kampinos State forrest (travel time about 1 hour 20 min at speeds of about 10 miles per hour).

There you disembarck for a 25 minute walk in the forrest while the engine is switched to the other end of the chain of cars for the return trip.

About 15 minutes into the return trip the train stops and all passengers walk to a very nice picnic area where they can cook their own picnic lunch or buy kielbasa, pickles, etc. to roast over fires.

The picnic lasts just over 2 hours.

Finally you return to the starting point.

People rate the trip very highly. Sometimes there are so many peope who want to ride that not all can get tickets. So reserve your tickets in advance.

You can reach it by car or, from Warsaw, the local commuter train.

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