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Shopping In Warsaw

If you are interested in shopping in Warsaw, the following pages contain useful information in both text and video format.

There is a lot to find in Warsaw. Especially if you get out of the center of town and shop where folks who know the city do.

Shopping in the Old Town or in other places where tourists flock can be expensive. But if you venture off the beaten path you can have some fine shopping experiences and you can get much better prices.

In this page we have put up a series of videos and web pages that take you to many of the places that you can find interesting things. And in the process, you will get to experience what life is really like in Poland for the people who live in Warsaw.

The Arkadia Shopping Mall

The following links take you to pages with text and video that describe areas that should at least interest, and sometime excite, you. Since you probably have limited time to allocate to shopping, use them to plan your trip efficiently.

Street Map Of Poland

Nowy Swiat

Old Town

Warsaw Old Town

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Store

Where to buy Polish pottery in Warsaw, Poland.

Christmas Ornament Store

Where to buy Christmas ornaments in Warsaw. Now this is a great shopping experience.

Flea Market Warsaw

Open on Sunday mornings, all year round, the Flea Market at Park Moczydlo, Warsaw, Poland attracts thousands of people looking for bargains.

Antique Market In Warsaw

The antique market in Warsaw, Poland is located in Kolo and is open on Sunday mornings. This page gives information about that market and tells you how to get to it.



The Arkadia Mall

This mall is one of the finest shopping malls in Poland. For that reason we have three links with information.

Arkadia Shopping Mall

Arkadia Mall

About The Arkadia Mall

How To Get To The Arkadia Shopping Mall

Zlote Tarasy


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