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How To Set Up Skype Account

Setting up aSkype account is very simple. This page takes you through the account setup process and gives you information about how best to use it.

Once you download and install Skype, there is very little so setting up your Skyp account. Follow the steps below.

You will need a microphone and speaker. You can use the ones on your computer, use a headset. Most people start with a simple headset that has a microphone and ear piece. Once you get using it a lot, and if you travel, a USB handset is nice to use.

Once you have a headset, or microphone and speakers, download the free Skype Program. Go to this link and download the free skype program at Skype

It is free and very easy to set up. It will take you through a very simple installation program that has you set the volumes for your microphone and ear piece.

You will be asked to give yourself a nickname that people can use to dial you. If you are in business, try to pick one that relates to what you are doing. We picked polcham. It is easy to remember and relates to the Poland Chamber, Inc.

As you install the system you will see that there are upgrades that you can play with. First get the free system installed.

Once you have installed it and familiar with how the basic system works, get familiar with how to use all the features of Skype,. We have made a special page called How To Use Skype Effectively.

Skype has a wonderful feature that allows you to use a web camera and broadcast your video to people with whom you are talking. If the other person has a web camera, they can also allow you to see them talking. To protect your privacy, the camera does not broadcast until you turn the video feature on.

And there is something very nice about the web camera also. You can use its microphone whether it is broadcasting or not. So you have hands free and headset free broadcasting.

Our preference is to use our webcamera because it keeps our hands free and we can write notes and work on our computer while we are talking. This helps us a lot when we are talking to customers. We can review their email records and find web pages, etc.

We sometimes use a headset to listen while we use the web camera microphone. That way we hide the other side of the conversation.

We use the Logictech QuickCan For Notebooks that you see here Web Cameras . We love it.

You can also use a USB handset or a wireless unit. We have them also and they are convenient at times. If we are not at the computer we can answer the phone with our wireless and then go to the computer and, if we think it necessary, shift to our headset for convenience.

Other Things That You Can Do

You can get a special telephone number that allows people to call using their regular telephone. They pay only the charge to that telephone number. And you can have the call forwarded to anywhere in the world at no extra cost. And it has voice mail capability.

We have a phone number in Webster, Massachusetts. People call it and we answer in Warsaw, Poland. They are usually surprised that they are calling Poland for nothing more than a call to Webster, Massachusetts.

There is also a service that allows us to call regular telephones using Skype. The call rates are incredibly cheap. We use it to call people all over the world.

And if you are in the United States you can subscribe to a service that allows unlimited calls at another extremely low rate.

We use all three of these services.

And then we use the business service that allows you to control phones for several users. That service is free.

But like we say, start with the free system. Then grow into it. Get the free system here. Skype

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