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Gift and flower shops dot the landscape all over Poland. Visitors to Poland often express surprise at how many there are and how closely together they are placed. Simply stated it is because there is a big demand. Gift giving is a very big part of peoples' lives here.

Every culture has its own rules of propriety that surround gift giving. A gift correct for the occasion must be given in the proper way. What may be appropriate in one culture may not always be appropriate in another culture. In fact, it might be insulting. So it is very important that you culture check your gift.

And when one considers culture, one must remember that different regions of a country may have different cultures. So do be careful and consult with someone local to the region.

Much of the gift giving in Poland is centered around Namedays or Name Days, spell it as you wish. To a Polish person, the nameday is more important than the birthday.

The nameday has its history in the Polish tradition of naming children after Saints. The importance of the Saints and their Feast Days (the date that the Saint was cannonized) resulted in many parents looking to the local priest or to the Roman Calendar to name their children. They typically chose the name of a Saint that had a Feast Day close to the birth or baptismal date of their child.

The nameday is so important to Polish people that in many cases when people emigrated to the United States they gave the date of their nameday as their date of birth.

Originally the day was for honoring one's patron saint. But in modern times it is generally a time for parties and gift giving. But it still retains its importance. You should never forget a Name Day. And never forget a gift. A gift, however small, is appropriate.

Most business and social calendars in Poland list the namedays. You can also find the list of name days on the internet at this link.Name Days Celebrations And Customs


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