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Warsaw, Poland is unique in Poland. The lifestyle and attitude of the people in Warsaw are unlike those in any other city in Poland.

It is a magnet for young people who leave the small towns to find jobs in large firms. At the same time it is the home of many who took the city through the transition from communism to a more free market economy.

Being the home of the Polish Government and Poland's financial capital, one finds the main Polish offices of many large international firms, law and consulting firms and hotels that cater to the foreign business community.

Polish intercity train
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, of course, with its airport and central train station, is the primary access point for tourists. For the most part, it is the one city that most tourists visit. It is the hub and access point for travel connections to other cities in Poland.

Warsaw is a mix of the old and the new. In the centrum you find some of Europe's finest hotels, first rate office buildings and first rate residential quarters that rival anything in Europe. At the same time you will find remnants of communism. But even these are quite rapidly being renovated and upgraded.

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